NASDAQ prediction

In the first example you have experimented with predicting functions that can be expressed analytically. In this page you can use the demonstration applet to try to learn predicting financial data - in particular the NASDAQ stock index.

Again, this applet is only for illustration. Predicting next price is very hard; better success was reported when trying to predict supporting indicators, such as moving average in the simplest case, which can be also very useful for trading. Also note that predicting the direction of move is completely different task.

How to work with the applet

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Applet and description (c) Marek Obitko, 2008; the neural network in the applet uses Java classes BPNeuron and BPNet
from NeuralWebspace, (c) Tomáš Vehovský, 1998, that were modified for the purposes of this applet.

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